Hachi is an online seller of lifestyle and IT products, based in Singapore.

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Info About & Hachi Store

Technology is growing leaps and bounds and helping to make complex things quite simpler, especially in the field of electronics. Smartphones, digital cameras, etc. have made people’s lives comfortable and now with the help of internet one can purchase electronics online. Hachi is one of the leading online electronics brands that have been providing people with convenience and quality products at affordable prices for some time now.

A Huge Product Range

If you are someone looking to buy any type of electronics or related accessories, Hachi is a one-stop shop. It has a huge product range and stocks most of the popular brands including Apple and Samsung. People can find phones, cameras, drones and all types of computer and gaming accessories. This company not only caters to individual needs but also to corporate needs with business solutions for storage, communication, and security. With a plethora of products and brands to choose from, anybody looking for quality electronics needs to visit their store.

Advantageous Features

Shopping with Hachi is convenient; with a well-designed, easy to navigate website and shipping all over Singapore, quick and efficient service is their motto. And in case you are someone too impatient to wait for the delivery they also provide their customers with an option to collect from a nearby Challenger store. And finally, the best advantage of shopping with them is the prices; not only do they strive to provide the best possible pricing but with daily deals and reward points, they ensure that customers get more for less.