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Qoo10's Annual Revenue is $315.1 million and Monthly revenue is $25.9 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Store Name
Lazada Singapore
Website qoo10.sg lazada.sg zalora.sg ezbuy.sg fortytwo.sg shopback.sg
General Information
Category Ranking #118 eCommerce Store #105 eCommerce Store #321 eCommerce Store #257 eCommerce Store #93 Online Furniture Store #352 eCommerce Store
Country Ranking Ranked #2 Most Popular In Singapore Ranked #1 Most Popular In Singapore Ranked #6 Most Popular In Singapore Ranked #3 Most Popular In Singapore Ranked #12 Most Popular In Singapore Ranked #8 Most Popular In Singapore
Ratings & Votes

39 Votes

92 Votes

17 Votes

30 Votes

17 Votes

35 Votes

Year Founded 2010 2009 2017 - 2013 2014
Statistics and Financial Metrics
Annual Revenue US$ 315.1 million US$ 3.3 million US$ 49.6 million US$ 78.8 million US$ 20.9 million US$ 28 million
Avg Order Size US$ 97 to 132 US$ 23 to 28 US$ 21 to 26 US$ 97 to 132 US$ 450 to 609 US$ 97 to 132
Daily Orders 7.5k 345 5.6k 1.9k 107 667
Daily Visitors 180k 220k 24k 45k 8.5k 16k
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Info About Qoo10.sg & Qoo10 Store

Qoo10 is the ultimate shopping destination for the people in Singapore. They are the biggest online marketplace in the world and they are on the run to become the same throughout entire Asia. They shoppers can shop safely and securely on their website. They offer an easy and convenient shopping experience for their customers. They operate online in 7 localized markets and they are present in 5 countries which include Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Indonesia. 

The vision of Qoo10

In the future, Qoo10 wants to expand itself to other parts of the Asian continent. They bring together the different sellers and buyers from across the world in a single platform. They always work towards providing the best and enjoyable shopping experience for their shoppers. In their logo, the Q is for the quest, oo is for the search and the 10 is for the completeness and perfection they offer. 

The return and exchange policy of Qoo10 

Qoo10 offers 7 days return policy where you can place for return or exchange of the product within 7 days of delivery. You can choose for return or exchange from your orders page and you can also track your return or exchange status. If the item is delivered wrongly or if it is the incorrect size or if it is found to be defective, then you should provide a picture of the product when you place for exchange or return of the order.

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