Tesco Ireland

Tesco is the Ireland-based chain of the supermarket that sells various products related to daily use. Visit the official site to check store nearby you.

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Info About

Tesco is a leading retailer who has established itself in several countries around the world including India, Malaysia, Ireland, Poland, China, UK and much more. They serve millions of customers both online and also in their stores. They have more than 6,800 stores around the world. 

A quick history of Tesco 

They started in the year 1919 in London. In the year 1930, the expanded themselves by setting up a store on land they purchased. They established their first supermarket in the 1950s. They started putting their stamps on things in the 1960s. Over the years, they grew up to provide the best value to their customers. From then to now, they always put their customers first.
Making the lives of the shoppers better 

They started out with a simple mission to accomplish. They want to be the customer’s champion and make them live a quality life and to make it easier. They deliver the products of great value straight to their customers. They serve their customers with something better every day. Serving their customers and providing them the best shopping experience is what they strive each day. 

The values Tesco follows 

Tesco has 3 simple values. Their first value is to understand their customers. The next one is to be the first one to meet the needs of their customers. The last one is to act responsibly for the community. They listen to the needs and of the people and keep innovating and developing them each day. They always work together as a team and respect and trust each other. They listen and also share experience and knowledge. 

How do they create a difference in the world?

They help in reducing the wastage of food and they provide the excess to those who are in need. They promote healthy living among the people. They source the most sustainable, affordable and best quality products. They also offer a positive contribution to the community. It creates a difference with the little things they do. 

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