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Trivago Malaysia is an online platform to compare hotel and stays during your travels. They provide users with various options to pick best hotels as per their budget.

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Info About

What is TRIVAGO?

An e-commerce travel cum Hotel search Engine Company with around 1.4 billion visits annually happy customers owned by Rolf Schromgens Stephan Stubener, and Peter V. It provides services across 190 countries and on 7 continents.

Well, TRIVAGO helps in that; it is a complete package where you can plan your trip. It is an online platform for books resorts, hotels, and cabs and even look for some tours.

How does it works?

It helps the customer by providing him/her with the best and cheapest flight tickets by comparing different flight tickets of around 650 partner airlines. It also helps the customer to select the best hotels and holiday rentals to choose from a wide variety of around 3,00,000 with the best prices available. My Trip also provides great service to select from different car rentals across all models and prices.

Trust factor

Trivago App, Trivago Hotel Manager, Hotel Manager Pro, and Rate Connect are main features where marketing is done.

The Travel and rating index sums up all ratings for different places or destinations across the world that are listed on TRIVAGO and give ranks in the scale of 0 to 100 ratings. The index has a lot of features and service criteria to get approval from such as location, price, food, internet, room and customer service support, redressed service, and facilities.

Later these ranks are used to set an annual TRIVAGO ranking wherein best-voted place, destination and reputation rankings have been given the awards and prizes for the same. Some of the famous categories of awards include Ski Ranking Place of the year, Top Hotel Award, Best Resort Award, Best Value Destination Awards, and many more.

Special Product & Service Feature

One can have their account at the TRIVAGO site and earn different rewards and bonus offers, discount and package deals by earning points on every travel or booking you do through TRIVAGO. A member of the TRIVAGO can manage the bookings, get online security, and track your travel booking graph and rewards for the same.

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