From the online drugstore ofApteka.RU, you can order any medicines at a reasonable cost that also offers prescriptions, directions, and counsel from doctors!

Store Website: apteka.ru
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Apteka's Annual Revenue is $141 million and Monthly revenue is $11.6 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Info About Apteka.ru & Apteka Store

Apteka is the Russian online pharmacy chain owned by Katren Group. Apteka in Polish means a pharmaceutical store. pharmacies in Russia contribute 1.3 % of the country’s GDP and 19.9 % of the health spending. So the online pharmacies are as important as the off-line stores and Apteka is one of the leading online pharmacy chains. 

A Little Different than the Rest

Where most online pharmacies claim to deliver the order at your doorstep, ordering experience on this site is a bit different. They deliver the product you ordered to the nearest pharmacy available and you need to pick up the product from the pharmacy itself. And there are certain rules for you to pick up your order. So ordering and getting the medicines you want can be quite cumbersome for people in Russia because the government doesn't allow home delivery of medicines.

Innumerable Products

The number of products and diversity will blow your mind. There are not just medicines to choose from, there are different types of equipment for orthopedic use, for nursing and so on. Derma products and cosmetics, vitamins, food supplements and what not! They have ensured that whatever you want, you won’t have to go to any other place to buy that.

To Read

If you are someone who likes to read health and medicine related stuff, you can read in the Read section of the website. You can read the articles and also about the authors who write them.

Apteka Fun Facts

Quickly compare Apteka.ru with other similar Tiensmed, Piluli, Walgreens and others.

Category Ranking: #4 Online Pharmacy Store

Country Ranking: Ranked #8 Most Popular In Russia

Ratings & Votes: 4/5 - Based on 80 Votes

Annual Revenue: US$ 141 million

Avg Order Size: US$ 25 to 34

Daily Orders: 12.9k

Daily Visitors: 400k

Website: Apteka.ru