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Shop your favourite range of beauty and skincare products from an online French cosmetics company. The company sells products such as haircare, skincare, beauty care, makeup items, cosmetics, perfumes and more.

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Cocoon Center's Annual Revenue is $4.6 million and Monthly revenue is $376.7 thousand based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Cocoon Center
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Annual Revenue US$ 4.6 million US$ 318.8 million US$ 13.9 million US$ 81.2 million - US$ 19.3 million
Avg Order Size US$ 25 to 34 US$ 22 to 27 US$ 40 to 49 US$ 22 to 27 US$ 25 to 34 US$ 40 to 49
Daily Orders 418 35.5k 839 9k - 1.2k
Daily Visitors 13k 1.6M 2M 190k - 210k
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Info About & Cocoon Center Store

Cocoon Centre was created by a doctor in pharmacy and a business-management graduate in 2005 in Châlons en Champagne, France. It was their passion and love for the internet that led them to collaborate and create an online store for health and beauty products. 


The range of products on offer are innumerable. There is virtually nothing that is not offered which is related to healthcare and your body. Something for men, something for women and all sorts of products is available. Cocoon Centre has a large variety of products for mothers and babies. They also have products related to sports like food supplements, anklets, elbow supports, and so on. 


Cocoon Centre has something unique called Aromatherapy. They use aromatic oils for different therapies. Have different types of oils and complexes, and also relaxation sessions and baths under aromatherapy. This can be an ace for Cocoon Centre. 

Medicines Nobody Expects!

Most online pharmacies just focus on medications for humans but no one thinks about medicines for their pets. If we have the luxury of having our pharmaceuticals delivered at our doorsteps, why should our pets left behind! So, Cocoon Centre has veterinary medication on offer and you can order it.

Cocoon Centre is a unique online pharmacy with good discounts and good brands on offer!

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