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Tiensmed is a Russian ePharmacy and it is completely different from all other ePhamracies we have seen till now. Where most pharmacies try to sell you less of medicines and more of other stuff, Tiensmed has restricted itself to medicines only.

More Like an Education hub

Tiensmed is more focused on health and how to maintain it. It has a large number of articles and write-ups on different topics. They have archives since their origin about different sorts of topics and medicine-related stuff. There won’t be a thing related to medicines and health on which they don’t have an article or a template. They also have an ‘interesting facts’ section on the website which shows all the captivating facts and happening related to health. 

An Offbeat ePharmacy

Where all others focus on the allopathy medicines and different beauty and skin care products, for Tiensmed the focus is on different types of treatment methods. They write on Ayurveda, acupuncture, folk medicine and remedies, they answer questions related to pregnancy and lot more related stuff. One thing that will definitely interest the readers is that they have some articles on the effect of the lunar position on the health of people with different zodiac signs. 

They do Sell Medicines

One might get blindfolded by the number of articles and information on the website. it is not just an informative forum, it is an actual ePharmacy. They sell alternative medicines and food supplements. There is Chinese medicine on offer and other Eastern medicines are also available. But Tiensmed is more like a guide to the newer, diverse forms of medicines.

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