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Buy low-prices electronic products (TVs, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Mobiles, Earphones, Headphones) and Video games! Buy discounted home appliances (Washing Machines, Vaccums, Ovens, Grinders)! Locate stores in your area.

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Info About & Bestbuy Canada Store

About Us

Best Buy is Canada’s one of the successful and largest retailers. It operates Best Buy (, Geek Squad ( and Best Buy Mobile brands. The customers of Best Buy get a unique shopping style experience with entertainment products, latest technology and variety of lifestyle products offered at the right cost.

With more than 200+ Best Buy stores across Canada, it gives its user to have in-store and online purchases on the same transaction, Fast Free Shipping, Reserve and Pick-Up and thus simplifying the shopping experience of Canada.

What to Buy?

Shop section of Best Buy have sub-sections such as Cell Phones, TV & Home Theatre, Headphones, Speakers & Audio, Baby, Maternity & Beauty and more. In these sub-sections, one will get hundreds of products to buy different brands. In Cell Phones section, a customer can choose between the kind of Phone (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry) or accessories of phones like Cases, Screen Protectors, Memory Cards and so many more items. Best Buy offers thousands of brands, a customer knows and trusts, like Acer, Intel, Samsung, Sharp, Fitbit, Canon, Bose, Arlo, Xbox and more.  
Best Buy also provides Sale and Deal on various products at low prices. It gives its customer services of Repair through Geek Squad Services.


Best Buy in partnership with e-Cycle Solutions Call2Recycle accepts electronic products even they are not bought from Best Buy for Recycling Electronics. The Service is available in few provinces such as British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Provinces for a number of products (listed under Province).

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