Tiger Direct

Order quality computing products form a Canadian retailer. The retailer sells computer tablets hardware, networking, software, gaming, electronics, IP phones, communication, Office equipment and supplies, trade-in and recycles program services.

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Info About & Tiger Direct Store

About Tiger Direct

Tiger Direct is an online retailer which deals with computers, computer components, and electronics. Tiger Direct serve corporate customers and business.

Tiger’s Nest

At Tiger Direct, you will find a number of products of a different variety from the trusted brands of the world such as Acer, HP, Asus, Dell, InFocus, Microsoft, Lenovo, Samsung, Skullcandy and many more. The products are sorted and listed under different categories like Computer & Tablets, Gaming, Electronics, Office Supplies & Equipment, and others. If one navigates in the Office Supplies & Equipment section, there will be Calculators, Scanners, Time Clocks, Printers and other items. Similarly, in the Computer Software category, one will get Microsoft Office, Developer Software, Operating Systems and all. You can find any product by searching either the keyword or Item number. Daily Deal Sealer is the section where you will do extra savings on a great selection of products. Here, you will find amazing deals daily.


To curb the waste generation and keeping electronics out of landfills, Tiger Direct is committed to Recycling. Tiger Direct charges EHFs i.e., Environmental Handling Fees to cover the charge associated with responsible and safe recycling of electronics whose life has almost ended. 

Return Policy

If a customer is not satisfied with the product, he/she has received or the product delivered is defective, Tiger Direct gives 15-days of time to return the product. It will provide a full refund for the product delivered.

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