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Info About & John Elliott Store

Founded in 2013, John Elliot and co treaded on a successful way because of the stylish, affordable and designer clothier of John Elliot. The company is dedicated to the male group. John Elliot’s clothes are very simple but when worn together, along with the designer accessories, they appear to be very intriguing. It stands out the standard circle because of the simple basics and online fan base.  John Elliot and CO, headquartered in Los Angeles has around 20 wholesale accounts in the US, CANADA, GERMANY, and JAPAN.

Business model:

The reason behind the interested customer base in the simple and intriguing product range. Standout jeans with impressive washes, sleek side zip hoodies and sweatshirts gives customers a very interesting selection range of products. John Elliot’s linings are similar to easy earing California lifestyle. Like James Persse. The rarity and awe-striking feature of John Elliot’s products is a reflection of an idea and cynical reason. “The Cast” jeans of John Elliot & Co reflects the designer’s fondness for well-worn A.P.C denim. Such a concept has to a varied product range, attracting customers. Products of John Elliot & co are designed for medium class American. Thus the product is humble and effective in daily life. 

Product range includes a comprehensive line of T-shirts, sweatpants, hoodies, and denim. And all these products are all made in the US, with custom woven fabrics. Precise cut along with the special type of weaving leads to uniform type products. John Elliot has stated the product range of the company is more decided by his selection as per his needs. The company’s linings have been so exquisite that designs of John Elliot were displayed at New York Fashion Week.