Kalunga has everything you need in one place with more than 10 thousand items at your disposal. Stationery, office supplies, computers, printers, cartridges, school supplies and more.

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Kalunga is a company which deals in office, school, home-related supplies available throughout Brazil. This Brazilian company has its headquarters in Sao Paulo and has been in existence since 1972. What started as a small stationary enterprise has now turned into a full-fledged successful business which generates enough revenue to hire as many as 5000 employees.


Since 1972, Kalunga has aimed to provide their users with a service which is highly professional, great in quality and agile. They believe in helping their users have the best shopping experience and enjoy being their customer. 


Over the years the company has expanded a lot, they now have over 100 offline retail shops, as well as an online store and telesales channel wherein they sell their office supplies, computers, printers and many other products.


The company provides customized services to their users so that they can get exactly what they desire and avoid unnecessary conflicts. The company is also Brazil’s largest distributor of office and school supplies. Furthermore, they also provide computer components at a reasonable price. The company has categorized different items under different sections. Customers can find different items under the Office, Writing, Coffee Break, Furniture, School, Informatics and many other sections.

Other services

The company also has KaSolutions which is a consulting and technology training section, which helps customers with the same. The website also mentions other services provided by them which can help clarify all the other doubts the customer might have. One can purchase their products and services with the help of their website and make payments using the different payment methods via a secure system.

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