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The Big Group (Gaupo Big) Institute was established in 2005 under the label of Walmart. This is a company that focuses on assembling the youth for a better future by making them compatible with work. It is the third-largest retailer in the nation with well over 500 units of hypermarkets and supermarkets spread over 186 cities of the 18 states in the country.

The journey

The journey of Gaupo Big began when Walmart made its mark in Brazil in 1995. The firm is continuously making strides in the food marketing field with the innovations that it always has in store. Since the firm was founded, it puts prime focus on local development, converting youth into valuable working energy, generation of revenue and community actions. In addition to its mission to become the best food retailing company in the Latin American country, the firm has extended its reach to ventures like gas stations. The Gaupo Big now owns 13 gas stations in different parts of Brazil.

Why should customers prefer Gaupo Big?

Even though Gaupo Big has become astonishingly successful in a comparatively shorter period, the company never compromises on its slogans of ethical relationships with customers, shareholders, and employees. Its cost-effective products always seek the attention of the buyers which benefits both the company and the customers. Even though the firm aims at getting better, it still leads the retail food sales sector and customers are assured of the best business when they buy from Gaupo Big. Customers have to look no further when it comes to food products if they are at Gaupo Big.

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