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Pleer is an online retailer of consumer electronics, sporting equipment, and other consumer products.  The company is based in Russia and operates out of several large cities across the country. The company operates with the motto of providing its customers with affordable products without having to compromise on quality. They do so by employing the services of suppliers from all across Russia and the world.


The Company offers their customers with a large selection of products to choose from; these include the likes of products like Cameras, Garden equipment, walkie talkies, metal detectors as well as sports equipment among others. These products are usually listed with discounts so that the customers can have the best value for their money. Experts employed by the company certifies all products listed on the company's platform. Their collection of products total more than 110,000 from more than 4.700 brands.


The Company hosts a forum on its website allowing customers to interact with each other and list products for sale. The forum consists of thousands of posts that are product listings of various products. Customers who wish to purchase the products can take with the sellers and come to an understanding before finalizing a deal.

Video Blog    

The Company runs a video blog on its website to demonstrate various features on the products that they sell. Customers can watch these videos to get a better understanding of the products and their functioning so that it becomes easier for them to use it when they finally decide on purchasing it.

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