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This website provides resources for Irish genealogy. It is the official Irish government owned genealogy website. An Irish Genealogy platform with a huge database. It helps you search records of your ancestral history, etc.

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The 1992 Four Courts Fire – whether you are an amateur or a professional genealogist and especially if you are looking for ancestors from Ireland, this phrase is a huge cause of frustration. It is common knowledge for anyone interested in Ireland's history that it is in this fire that a number of records including those of wills and court records were lost, but it doesn’t have to be the reason for the end of research into Irish ancestors. There are a number of other sources that provide alternate records like the Irish Genealogy service.

3 million church transcripts

For people with at least a working knowledge of genealogy, they can understand the value of church records. One can get any amount of valuable information from parish records like births from baptism records, marriages, and deaths. And it is these valuable records that are now available with Irish Genealogy; they have almost 3 million church transcripts, all of which have been digitalized and are available for free with their website online. Apart from church records they also have digitalized civil records on their website, and all the services are available free of cost.


Genealogy is a complicated field, and it takes a number of years in getting to know the various tools and services that can help. And with the improvement in technology these days, especially of the internet, more and more services are being made available by the day. Irish Genealogy also provides various important resources that can be helpful in finding your family history.

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