Order assorted products and items from a Russian online retailer. The retailer offers a wide range of products across categories and sectors, computing products, cleaning, home, promotions, gifts, at attractive discount offers.

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Komus is an award-winning online retailer of office supplies and consumer electronics operating out of Russia. The company operates out of 96 retail stores and 41 regional offices along with 7 logistic centers across 84 cities around Russia. Throughout the company’s operational history it has achieved several accolades and awards for its services and products. These include the likes of Company of the Year award in 2006, the best supplier of office goods in 2004, The Most Dynamic Company in 2007 and the Best Network Trading Company award in 2009.


The Company’s catalog consists mostly of office supplies, consumer electronics as well as textiles and fabrics for businesses. These include products like Coffee machines, tissue papers, cleaning chemicals, Computer components as well as safety equipment among others. The company is an authorized retailer of several popular brands including the likes of ViewSonic, SvetoCopy, Xerox, LG, and Samsung among others.

Product and Technology Reviews    

The company hosts several articles and write-ups on products listed on the website. Customers can access these reviews to get a better understanding of the products before fully committing to it. This helps them choose the products that best suit their requirements. The technology review section of the blog is mainly aimed at providing the customers with extra knowledge using which they can expand the capabilities of their purchases.

Charity With Komus            

The Company runs several charitable drives to improve the life of the people they serve. Komus also allows the customers to participate in this initiative by donating a small portion of their purchase money on specific products. This money goes to several charitable trusts where it is used to improve the lives of those in need.        

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