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Liverpool is the best site to purchase PCs, laptops, printers, cellphone, notebook and more with free conveyance and unique offers.

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Liverpool Store's Annual Revenue is $840.2 million and Monthly revenue is $69.1 million based on our estimations. More Interesting Numbers!

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Info About & Liverpool Store Store

Liverpool is an online retailer based out of Mexico operating out of more than 85 locations within the country. The company operates several mid to high-end departmental stores and lists the products sold on these stores on their website. Their product collection mainly consists of consumer electronics, clothing lines, and associated accessories. With an operational history dating as far back as 1847, the company has come a long way in developing into one of the largest online retailers in the country. Liverpool’s mission is to serve their customers at every moment in their lives and their mission is to provide products that are affordable without having to compromise on quality.


The Company’s catalog is as varied as the kind of customers that make use of their services. Their catalog consists of products like consumer electronics, clothing lines, beauty products, and other furniture and home décor amongst others. All products listed on the company’s website are listed with discounts enabling the customers to make maximum value for their purchase.

Insurance Services        

The Company offers several insurance coverages for both customers as well as products. There are several options to choose from and all provide a certain degree of flexibility. They do so by forming a partnership between organizations like the Allianz group, the warranty group, and AIG Garanplus among others.

Gift Table           

The Company allows customers to create and send gifts through their Gift Table platform. This platform allows customers to create gift offerings for several events including birthdays and weddings to make the occasion even more special for your guests and loved ones.

Popular Categories

  • Caballero Damas
  • Chamarras Playeras
  • Department Stores
  • Todas Las Secciones

Liverpool Store Fun Facts

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Category Ranking: #52 eCommerce Store

Country Ranking: Ranked #4 Most Popular In Mexico

Ratings & Votes: 4.9/5 - Based on 47 Votes

Year Founded: 1847

Employees: 10000+

Annual Revenue: US$ 840.2 million

Avg Order Size: US$ 97 to 132

Daily Orders: 20k

Daily Visitors: 480k