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An online pharmacy store that sells body care products. You can buy beauty products, cosmetics, and other such related items. This website also contains health tips, videos, and additional useful information.

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It has evolved in time, to become one of Canada’s most trusted pharmacy brands. Your health is their commitment. The establishment of this pharma goes back more than 100 years. Today it has over 400 Rexall corporation locations which have a human capital of more than 7000. Coming to its diversified reach, it works with more than 180 communities across Canada.

Your-to-go Med

It is your own Medicine planner and the health manger. It provides you with your own personal manager. The features such as Prescriptions Management, Medication Management, My Rexall Pharmacist, Injections and vaccines, Blood Pressure Tracker etc. 

Apart from this, there is a section that looks after your beauty health- cosmetics, derma- care, hair care, sun care etc. Everyone wants to look afresh daily with minimal efforts; Rexall also has a different wing that handles all the everyday health issues and precautions for our well-being. All our customers get a gift card and bonuses as Air Miles and points.

Extras for you

There's a service called PPN- Preferred Pharmacy Network, under which the Rexall Pharmacies would provide feasible medication service for an eligible production of the prescription at the pharmacy locations.

Rexall Direct is Canada’s National mail-order pharmacy which is operated by Rexall. The Rexall corporation also has a division dedicated to providing specialized clinical care and complex medication management services under the name of “Rexall Health Solutions.”

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